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  1. My name is Shannon. I intern at Lmh Mag, I came across your photo on Diamind Modeling. It’s my job to find three emerging talents a month to feature at Lmh Mag’s expense. This has been our policy for 5 years. Our first publication was featured April 1, 2009.

    I absolutely loved your work so I sent the editor your link and she loves your work as well. If you are interested the editor would love to interview you for the August issue.

    There are two opitions for the interview.
    1. Via email. If you are interested I can send you the interview question via email. With the instructs on how to proceed.

    2. A on camera interview.

    If you select the on camera interview with the editor we do ask that you cover the setup fee of $65.00 this price is 95% off our usually rate.

    On camera interviews are done at the south beach studio.

    Please note you do not have to select the on camera interview. You are selected to be featured in the August issue either way.

    The first three to respond will be selected so if you are interested I suggest you don’t delay. Our readership is over 1,000.000.00 and in 32 countries.

    Please send a email to

    Select this link to learn more about the editor and Lmh Mag.

    Continued Success.

    S. Rose
    Miami Exclusive
    Where Emerging Talents and Stardom Meet!

  2. Hello,

    I saw your profile on linkedin and got me curious if would be interested helping with 12 complimentary art work pictures.

    The reason why is because the pictures will be used to send proposals to great companies who i have already contacted who are waiting for my final proposal with the powerpoint and photos.

    This could be a great way for you to get more exposure as well. You can simply put your name at the very bottom of each picture.
    Your name will be exposed to at least 15 companies who i have already contacted, so if you are interested in doing “sponsor” gig like this let me know.

    Also the pictures will go to my website and Facebook.


    Marta Cerqueira

    1. Hi, I’m interested in a worry stone bracelet for my son. He likes the stone but feels the band is too feminine. I’m also concerned about how sturdy it is as her would be keeping it on in the shower, swimming, playing sports, etc. Would there be a way to accommodate what we are looking for?

      Thanks, Wendy

      1. Sorry, I am just seeing this. Lots of spam comments so I don’t check them much lol. One thing I usually do for men’s bracelets is use thread similar to frienship bracelets and I can work stone(s) into the thread. I can make them extra wide for durability as well. If you are still interested please contact me via email

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